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Nebraska CCW Training Classes

Current class schedule:
10am-6pm Crete, NE at Sokol Hall 12th and Norman are as follows:


If you would like to schedule a class where you are, I need 14 days notice to schedule with the State Patrol. We'll need a place for the class and a safe place to shoot. I do require at least 6 students to travel.
We offer clases that meet the requirements for Nebraska Concealed Carry. The class lasts approximately 8 hours and costs $100.  A $25 non refundable deposit is required to save your spot.  You can pay your deposit in my store on the home page. After you've completed the class you can then apply with the Nebraska State Patrol for your permit, the fee for this is also $100.
What you'll need:
A firearm, please no single action revolvers. (everyone will thank you)
100 rounds of ammunition
Holster (please no shoulder holsters, no crossdraw holsters) *with your enrollment you get 10% off of your first kydex or leather order from my shop*
Hearing protection
Eye protection
2 magazines
What we cover:
     We cover avoiding criminal attacks, situational awareness, conflict resolution, safety considerations, features of common firearms, malfunctions, storage of firearms, shooting techniques, legal issues, reciprocity, use of force, and what to do after a shooting. After the book portion of the class we practice pistol basics, point shooting and basic tactics using an SIRT training gun and shot indicating software. We then take a written test and range test. This is not a high speed, low drag gunfighting school. This class is geared for the beginner who wants to legally carry a firearm and get a base knowlege of basic tactics.

     Because carrying a firearm is a huge responsibilty we reccomend that you take more classes to enhance your skill set. A local firearms school that we highly recommend is Primary Defense their information can be found here.

Another great resource for this is the 020A Battle Academy. This class can be done in the comfort of your home then you can seek further hands on training as you're comfortable Click the link below for a 7 day no CC free trial.
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