Walenta's Custom Leather
Beauty Is In The Small Details

Our Holster Masterpieces

     We refer to our holsters as masterpieces because they are meant to be functional art. After all anyone can go buy a holster off of the shelf at any big box store and it will do the trick (kind of). Anyone can have a holster made from a production shop and get a high quality holster. You are here because you want a high quality holster with style, something you can show off or hand down to your kids and their kids. Your here for a masterpiece.
     Every holster that leaves our shop meets our exacting standards. They can all be lined with the finest calf skin available, oiled and sealed to keep it looking great for years to come. Nothing leaves our shop without being the best product that we can put out. We take pride in what we do and our products speak for themselves.
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