Welcome to Walenta’s Custom Leathers Concealed Carry Class page. I offer a one stop shop for those wanting to get started being a responsibly armed citizen. Not only can I help you with high quality premium gun leather I’m also a full service Federal Firearms Licensee and can order firearms or you can have them sent to me from online sources for a $20 transfer fee. Finally I’m a State of Nebraska Certified Concealed Carry Instructor and NRA basic pistol instructor.

I started my career as a correctional officer at the Nebraska State Penitentiary 1n 1997 and have worked in adult and youth facilities ever since. I spent time as an emergency preparedness coordinator for a 54 bed group home and as a supervisor. During this time I’ve taken and been certified in numerous state and private firearms classes including, State Rifle Certification, State Shotgun Certification, NRA Basic pistol Certification, Primary Defense Fighting Carbine, Primary Defense Fighting Pistol, Primary Defense Force on Force, Pressure Point Control Tactic Certification, CPR/First Aid Certification, Handle With Care Certification, and TACT 2 Certification. I am also a retired professional boxer with a little bit of Jujitsu experience.

The price of class is $100 and requires a $25 deposit to hold your spot. Click the link here to be directed to the store.

The fee for the permit through the State Patrol is another $100 and is due when you apply (within 3 years of class).

My Concealed carry class is designed to meet or exceed the State of Nebraska’s minimum requirements.

 Carry Concealed Weapon

Training Objectives

Demonstrate through written testing knowledge of ways to avoid a criminal attack and to defuse or control a violent confrontation to include: Conflict Resolution, Situational awareness, Avoiding criminal attacks.

Demonstrate through written testing and practical application knowledge and safe, handling of a handgun to include: Firearm’s Safety rules, Handgun nomenclature (general), Firearm safeties and their uses, Loading and unloading of the handgun, Concealed carry techniques

Demonstrate through written testing and practical application knowledge and safe handling of handgun ammunition to include: Nomenclature of ammunition, Use factory new vs. reloaded ammunition, Inspection of ammunition, Identifying misfires and squib loads, Avoiding lead contamination.

Demonstrate through written testing knowledge of proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition, including storage practices which would reduce the possibility of accidental injury to a child to include: Use of safes, Various handgun locking devices, Separate storage of handguns and ammunition,Cleaning and maintenance of handguns

State Statues 28-1204 to 28-1204.01

Demonstrate through written testing and practical application safe handgun shooting fundamentals to include:



Sight alignment

Trigger control


Follow through

Demonstrate through practical application after action responses.

     This class is to teach WHEN you can legally defend yourself. We will begin to cover the how but further training is recommended. To learn the skills to defend yourself I strongly recommend Primary Defense you can click on their link here . After my class you will have a thorough understanding of the laws pertaining to use of force including deadly force in Nebraska, how to recognize, identify, and respond to potential threats. How to de-escalate confrontations and maintain situational awareness.

    *Private classes are available at your location. I require 6 paid students a place to do classroom time and a safe place to shoot.*

What you’ll need for class:

Serviceable pistol (please no single action revolvers)

100 rounds of ammunition

Hearing and eye protection

Holster (no blackhawk SERPA, no Shoulder holsters)


Loose fitting cover garment

2 Magazines or speed loaders

States covered by the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit